Where Does Corian Come From?

Installing Corian kitchen countertops is a good choice in both price and value. DuPont’s Corian countertops are a leader in countertop materials in the group of solid surface materials. DuPont has always been a leader in manufacturing new products and staying on the pulse of technology. They have done it again with this top quality kitchen countertop material.

To understand Corian it helps to know where the material originated to appreciate the impact it has had on the countertop marketplace.

The History of Corian

Corian is an extremely durable, strong material that was invented in 1967 by the DuPont Corporation. One of their scientists, in particular, is credited with providing the groundbreaking research and inventing the chemical formula for Corian. Dr. Donald Slocum is a biochemist who worked for DuPont for many years. When he invented Corian it was the only material of its kind on the market.

The invention of Dr. Slocum forever changed the face of the countertop industry. It brought about an entirely new category of countertop material we now call solid surface countertops. Solid surface countertops offered a whole new dimension to the world of countertops. Before they were invented there were cheap laminate countertops and expensive granite and stone countertops with no middle ground.

Corian Countertops—Ushering in a New Age of Restorable Countertops

Since the invention of Corian people now have a great middle ground choice countertop to install. Solid surface countertops provide a much higher level of quality than is provided by laminate countertops.

Laminate countertops are made by gluing a piece of hard laminate surface on top of a high density fiber. They look good for a period of time. A large problem lies in the fact that once the top surface ages, there is nothing left to do but replace the countertop. There is no resurfacing, polishing, or fixing dented laminate countertops.

Corian is able to be refurbished, refinished, and repaired. Most of these repairs can be done by local solid surface restoration professionals. The cost of refurbishing your Corian countertops will be far less than purchasing and installing new countertops. Many times, your old Corian countertops can be made to look like new after your solid surface repair company is done.

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